How do I get multiplayer to work with IOS Safari and Android?

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  • I am working on a multiplayer game, using the official multiplayer plugin. The game is supposed to be played in a local gaming environment with a laptop as the host and iPads as peers. All devices are connected to corporate wifi which only allows internet traffic through a proxy.

    Using PC as a host, a Peer PC can connect with no issues. However mobile devices (iPad IOS 12.1.3 and Android 8.0) cannot connect.

    I connected all devices (PC host and mobile peers) to a mobile hotspot, thereby removing the restricted network factor and still the mobile devices cannot connect.

    Then I tested with the official Multiplayer Real-Time game example and still the issue persists.

    Can anybody help? Prior to this I have already set up a TURN server to no difference in results, before starting the fresh example above on a public internet connection, to discover (at least it seems to me) that the mobile devices won't join the game no matter what.

  • Is there an answer / solution to this question?

  • Is there an answer / solution to this question? pinoypixel

    You need a STUN/TURN server for this issue.

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  • I'm having this problem as well, tried debugging for 2 days, turns out it was Chrome on PC cant work with mobile devices' browsers.

    When I switched my pc browser to firefox, it worked well on mobile device's browsers.

    Hope this helps you guys

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