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  • I would like to imitate an authoritative server on my machine, but I have two concerns:

    1. To save on resources I've been thinking of creative ways to avoid running the actual game logic on the host machine, and instead handle everything much like a server console would. Taking inputs, setting positions of players, syncing them, verifying movements, checking collisions (using objects stored positions and distance to each other), etc.. but my concern is that it seems like the Sync object and Sync variable events require the Player controlled objects to actually be drawn on screen, so that they can be synced with the connected Peers.

    Is there any way around this?

    2. I’d like my game to have more than one Layout/Map that connected Peers can visit. Is it possible for my machine, the single host/”server”, to allow players to be in different Layouts, and only receive information (synced objects/variables) from other Peers in that same layout? I know I can use instances, but I am trying to avoid the need for having multiple Browser tabs open, for each game instance/layout. Ideally I'd just need the one tab, and all players would be connected.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide some insight/creative ideas.

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