How do I use Multiplayer Plugin on Microsoft game?

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  • Just messing around with Construct, trying to figure out how easy it would be to make a multiplayer game for Xbox One.

    However, the signalling server won't even connect.

    This may be a niche question, but if anyone has any experience on this, I'd appreciate it.

    When I preview it, it works fine, but when I test it within Visual Studio or directly on my Xbox One console, it doesn't work at all. The text won't change :(

    Hopefully somebody's already been in this boat!

  • Has nobody created a multiplayer game for Microsoft store before? XD

  • As nobody responded, I'm going to temporarily assume that nobody has tried to do this before :)

    C2 Version =!Am3CPIM7woZ9hr4IOlvQEvOTBAMVDA?e=9pd4p7

    C3 Version =!Am3CPIM7woZ9hr9R0pnyDWUGEMDZVg?e=nPXgd4

    If that is indeed the case, could some kind hearted person please try opening one of these versions, exporting it out as a Windows Store project, opening it in Visual Studio, and then successfully run it?

    By looking at the project you can see that all it's trying to do is connect to the Scirra multiplayer server. Testing the program within Construct, as well as running it as a desktop or html will connect immediately. However, as soon as I try it in Visual Studio, it fails to connect.

    I have been in contact with Microsoft about this for weeks, and they can't seem to find out what the problem might be. I have no idea whether it's an issue on their end, a setting I've failed to turn on on my end, or an error with Construct 2 and 3.

    Please could somebody help me out?

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  • So after 6 months of trying to get this to work, and a month of silence from this forum, I posted a bug report, then got a response the next day XD

    "UWP uses the (legacy) Microsoft Edge browser engine, which does not support WebRTC DataChannels, which is what the Multiplayer plugin uses. Therefore multiplayer isn't (and has never been) supported in UWP.

    The new Chromium-based Edge supports WebRTC as it inherits it from the Chromium engine used by Google Chrome. However it's not yet clear when or how this support will come to UWP."

    This means that it will not work, and will likely never work in the near or foreseeable future.

    Hope this message helps someone else in the future though! Don;t waste your time like I did! The future is very much single or local player :D

  • I've made a mobile game before with the multiplayer pluggin. Never on Xbox. But let's try to figure this out. First, let's issolated some variables.

    On start of layout

    Browser if connected to layout - text append "internet connected "

    Multiplayer if supports multiplayer - text append " multiplayer supported "

    What does the text say if you run that on the x box?

  • If it doesn't say multiplayer supported, then ya, it will prob never work.

  • Thanks haypers but don't worry about it. It's not possible to make an online multiplayer game with Construct 2 or 3 currently on XBOX or Microsoft Store.

  • Darn. Sorry man. I wonder if fixing that is on scirra's radar. Idk. Good luck w/ future projects.

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