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  • To begin, please excuse my English which is not so good.

    I have a problem with multiplayer in my game.

    The problem is that I "sometimes" and unpredictably, the names of my players who are not correct.

    I have up to 8 players connected at the same time, and sometimes, when a player connects, he gives his name (alias-aka) to several other players.

    In the same way (I suppose), the movements of the players are sometimes perfect, and sometimes, one of the players directs several characters.

    On this picture, you can see the difference between host view and peer view.

    Host see the right names whereas the peer see the wrong.

    The second problem only appears when I test the code via internet. Locally, I never have the problem of moving my different players at the same time.

    The both problems looks like a id problem but i don't find where...

    Thank you all for your answers.

  • I just thought of something.

    Can the "Associate object with peer" function pose such problems?

    In my case I have a first object that is associated with the host and each connected peer.

    BUT, I also associate some other objects with the "Associate object with peer" function to my host and my clients.

    EDIT : I just tested and even without the function, my aliases are still copied.

  • Could you share us with your code?

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  • I give you some of the code. This is the connection. If you try to log in more than once, the name error will appear.

    Thank you for your help on this problem.

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