How to make a multiplayer game?

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    i'M so confused right now. instead of starting a NON existent problem, I think i'LL sit back and watch. Have a nice one! :) :)

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    > I think you are right

    > Actually I was thinking about the gamee jam competition. In it, only multi-player games can be submitted

    Ah, now that's a different story. Their plugins handle all of that. As a matter of fact, if you read their FAQ, you'll find out that you can't use Ajax, Websockets or Multiplayer Plugin for that. You can't make any external connections.

    And, it can be multiplayer, single player or fake multiplayer.

    So, you're back in the ballgame.

    Thanks for correcting me.Actually I did not read the rules carefully and after reading the main topic "battle with friends",my mind was calculating that i have to make a multiplayer game.Anyway again thanks !!!

    Well, wasn't really a correction. You provided more details so I could provide a better answer. I'll be interested to see what you create.

    - you are constantly pushing up against the limits of the Forum & Community guidelines. In this thread you have already rejected someone else's advice out-of-hand without explanation, tried to guide people to your own services yet again, and directly insulted another user.

    You must change your attitude to use this forum. 48 hour temporary ban. Thread closed.

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