Multiplayer: broadcast-msg from host sometimes not visible on peer's screen

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  • I have searched the forum and the issue tracker, but could not find anything.

    With Scirra's multiplayer object I am broadcasting (reliable, unordered) a message to peers.

    Sometimes the message does not arrive on the peer's screen. (I am testing with the new feature - multiple preview screens)

    When I reload the project, all is fine.

    This sometimes happens. I cannot reproduce this problem.

    If I can reproduce it, I can make a case on the issue tracker.

    This probably has to do with networking and not the plugin itself?

    Does anyone know why this might happen or have any advice? (or is it perhaps a known issue?)

    Thanks in advance.

  • Without reliable reproduction steps, it is hard to answer your questions or investigate the issue.

    Consider posting all the steps and what you are doing that can lead to you encountering the issue, even if it is not reliable.

    This will be a start other users can bounce from.

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  • I didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

    Minamal project - received messages are logged to an array you can see in debug.

    How many peers? When does it occur? If it is right at the beginning, it is possible your peer hasn't joined the room yet due to not running in the background.

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