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  • Hello

    I have a problem with multiplayer animations

    I have a figure that is shown in 4 animations, a frame is still and a frame with an "OK" with the hand obviously one for each player. The animation must be turned over with the ok when the user has bet and at the end of the bets all 4 players go to the starting position

    The problem is this: the animation that turns the figure with the "ok" works correctly, whereas when the figure has to return to the original position once it works for all four players, the next hand turns 3 on 4 a few times 1 on 4 then returns to turn 4 of 4, in short, random. The procedure responds to a broadcast message that is received by the peers and each animation has a different name based on the color of the player

    The game is almost over I still have this problem which is difficult to solve as it is random.

    You have suggestions

    Thank you

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