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  • Hi to everyone,

    I´ve read and tried to "copy" the Multiplayer Tutorial on my own.

    It´s more like a copy and I just edit some small thinks, like own Sprites and keep some thinks from "Multiplayer Ping Pong Tutorial".

    Its pretty much the same, but both versions work diffrently and I just dont get why.

    In the Video u can see the, Login works fine, the angel on mouse.x is Kind of funny but I ignored that for now. And as soon as I connect the Peer to Host, its like Peer and Host get one "player" -> the purple think. When I try to move from Host window, its moving both players, when I try to move from Peer window, it seem like it stick to the Host player and cant client update or smth like that.

    another point is im not able to move with W/A/S/D which is added as an condition to LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN key - btw this works, except of W/A/S/D, not sure why.

    later in the Video u can see the Realtime Tutorial, as soon as I connect with Peer to the Host, it creates another "Peer" / Player, and im able to move with W/A/S/D and LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN the Problem with controlling the Peer on Host window still even in this Version.

    I edit the 8 Directional Movement to Platform Movement only in Realtime Tutorial.

    my Question: what am I Doing wrong?

    How to fix:

    1. Peer dont stick to Host

    2. WASD moveable

    3. Host dont move Peer

    The C3P file to download My version

    C3P to download the Edit Tutorial Realtime version

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    script of mine below.

    thanks for helping


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