How do I make multible levels with one hud?

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  • Hi Folks. I have build a very simple game structure, to test the level system of my next game project. And I'm struggeling at the first steps...

    There are 3 Layouts:

    - Layout 1 startmenu

    - Layout 2 Level 1

    - Layout 3 Level 2

    Objects and Vars:

    - only one variable "level"

    - only one text object to show this variabe

    - 3 Buttons to click through the layouts, just for testing the changing of the layouts

    And it doesn't work... Error Code in the Browser: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION

    The project is so simple, and don't work... can anybody help me? What went wrong?

    Here is the File: LINK

  • I put the .c3p file into a folder on GoogleDrive:


  • The layer that the HUD is on, set the Global to Yes.

    Then, add an empty layer to all other layouts and call it the same name.

  • Thanks for your usefull hint.

    I did it that way, and it works - sometimes...

    Maybe the Problem is elsewere...

    If I start this Mini Project File in the Preview, sometimes it works, and sometimes not... From 10 attemts to preview the project, 5 are working, and 5 fail... Error: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION


    Somemody an idea?

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  • I just checked th preview debugging mode, and in this mode it works every start:

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