Multi pages/levels web app, tips on how to structure it?

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  • Hi all,

    I have a "regular" site that hold a couple hundreds of math exercise pdf pages.

    This is ordered by grade and topic clusters

    Pdfs can be downloaded, printed and the pupils can solve the problems on paper

    I want to make this more interactive and thought of "construct3 them"

    • Taking an image of the page
    • Adding corresponding test fields with the solution
    • Adding check question and check page buttons
    • progress will be saved on local storage
    • maybe adding some sharing and so on, but this is extra...

    What is a good practice to handle this?

    A tree might look like this

    Grade1->addition section->page1

    Each grade will have at least 5 sections and each section will have 5-20 pages

    Each grade will have a separate app

    Tips, tricks and common practices are welcomed!

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  • Anyone?

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