Mp3 and Mp4 files no sound when exporting to NW.js windows

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  • I found that when exporting to Windows 32/64

    mp3 files in music folder got ignored, hence cannot be played in the game

    for mp4 videos, they have no sound too (i didnt include a webm file)

    Is this a normal behaviour?

  • NW.js doesn't support MP3/MP4. This is why we recommend you use WebM. Construct automatically converts all imported audio to WebM where possible. WebM works everywhere so you won't have this type of problem with it.

  • Thanks I made the conversions and it's all good now

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  • It seems this audio problem after exporting to nwjs is rather frequent when I browse through the forum. In fact, I am currently facing the same problem. The audio (music and sound) works fine when using C3 preview. But when it is exported to nwjs, the audio no longer works (no sound, no music). The funny thing is my original file formats are ogg and wav when I imported them to C3 and they all get automatically converted to webm format by C3. So according to Ashley, it should work, right? But nope, they don't. And I am still scratching my head trying to find out what is going on. Any clue, anyone?

  • It should work - WebM Opus is supported on all platforms. (It's using other formats that causes problems, because they're not always supported on every platform.) If your project is definitely using WebM Opus exclusively already, share the project file and we can take a look at what might be going on.

  • Great timing! I just sent a bug report to Scirra Github on this issue. It appears that the problem has something to do with the choice of minification on export. The audio does not work with exports using advanced minification. With simple and no minification, all audio works fine. So I believe it may not be the issue of audio format (all audio in webm) but more related to the choice of minification. For large file exports, advanced minification is important to help reduce file size but that shouldn't come in the expense of audio.

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