Moving Solids against Platformers

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  • Hi, posted about this a while back in C2's forum but couldn't find an answer so I decided to try reproducing it in C3.

    While trying to implement a wall slide, I noticed that an object with the platform behavior is pushed around differently depending on whether a solid tile is moving right or left.

    The Platformer object is pushed upwards if it slides against a solid object moving right, and pushed downwards when the object is moving left. (the solid object in question is just using a horizontal sine behavior with bounding box collision)

    Here's the event sheet I'm using with the sample platformer project:

    (I've tried it with gravity instead of vector y also, but the same issue persists. Have also tried forcing vector y from going above 0, but it also didn't work.)

    I'd like to get it to behave similarly to how it does against an unmoving solid object.

  • This is because of how the pushOutSolid function works - a hidden function in the runtime that is used a lot by the platform behavior. The only alternative would be to write your own push-out system using events (ouch) that caters for the type of movement you're looking to create.

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  • Colludium does not say this, but its behavior Platform2 solves this problem.

  • Colludium does not say this, but its behavior Platform2 solves this problem.

    Too kind!

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