Moving over edge after wall climbing.

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  • Hello! I have been working on a project recently that involves wall climbing, I have figured that part out to an extent but I have been having issues for when the player reaches the top of said wall is needs to "climb over the edge" per say back to their normal state.

    Right now, wall climbing works by turning platform movement off and changing to 8 directional movement. I made an object that is supposed to move the player up and then left or right depending on the which object it is (I have an up/left and up/right).

    Here is the code:

    For context, the edge objects image point is 0,0 (bottom left corner) while the players is bottom center. The idea is to move the player flush to the edge objects surface (player height plus the edge objects height (its 40, but I changed it after taking photo) and then move the player its full length and half the block next to it (both are 24 long so 24 + 12 = 36).

    Instead the player bonks into it like it's solid even though it contains no behaviors and the player should go threw it instead if not working right? On that note, what it going wrong? What could I try to fix it?

    Thank You!

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  • You don't need 8direction, see this demo:

  • The example worked great!! Thank You! It is much simpler than going with 8 dir movement and also has no issue with getting to the edge of the wall or breaking off mid climb.

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