How do I make a movement system like advance wars?

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  • How can I make a movement system like there is in advance wars, into the breach, wargroove, etc. I have ideas how to do it myself but I think it could get messy with events and such making it hard to implement more characters in the future. If anyone has an example how they have done this that would be great. I am also on planning on making this game in an isometric view which may make it more difficult. I have attached a photo below of the type of movement I am trying to implement.

  • that looks like manual pathfinding per unit, you can do the same type of movement by using the pathfinding behavior, or making your own pathfinding events_behavior.

    but yea pathfinding is the answer as i can see and a few re-usable events with functions.

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  • That's quite a broad answer. The pathfinding when I have ever used it seems incredibly flawed. If anyone can give more detail to make a function that works just like the advance wars system please let me know.

  • what i meant by using pathfinding is that you have to code the events to use it properly, once you figure out the size and spacing required for block sizes so pathfinding is working properly you need to code how units move by choosing a target position

    and you can do that if im not mistaken by using the RTS example construct comes with, is very similar to the image you are showing, basically u select unit, then for that unit u can use a boolean, or variable and set it to a value =1 then if value =1 the unit will find a path to move towards the target position u give it.

    the answer i gave previously was actually not broad at all, is the expectation you had that made it broad.

    considering you are a 2014 construct user i was thinking you know how to code the events to achieve something like that, is rather simple, i just pointed towards the simplest solution and that is usage of the pathfinding behavior.

    i think i have a tank example that does this and here it is super tank battle example

    that was made with pathfinding and some tutorials from our good old C2 that explains active minimap interaction.

    sadly i don't think i still have the capx for it... but pathfinding is the solution

    Edited: is your lucky day i found the capx from C2 tank example update v3

    however i just checked the advanced wars movement system, and it looks like grid movement + pathfinding.

    and for that there are 2 Construct2 tutorials i can think might be useful for your case example 1 & pathfinding tutorial explained

  • You can even use the path found and move with the TileMovement behavior to even have a more complete control of the movement of your object.

    You can check the example provided with C3 in the intermediate examples "Pathfinding" (found in the start page).

    The path with blue arrows is what you are looking to use and achieve and the example just demonstrates that.

    Make sure to read its manual article :

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