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  • I'm new to Construct and have been working on a game, but I've been having trouble with movement after transitioning to another layout via portal. After entering the password in the text box left of the double doors, the doors open and the layout changes to the hallway but it seems that the portal back to the lab always reactivates whenever any movement besides traveling downwards is done.

    Another issue I've been having is trying to implement overlapping with a keyboard press. When the main character is overlapped with the cat speech sprite as well interacts with the cat by pressing space bar, it is supposed to display the text box but that doesn't happen. I'm not sure what's going wrong and how to fix this, some help would be greatly appreciated!

    The .cp3 file -

  • First part is because you spawn in the hallway but the character is already overlapping the portal sprite to go back, you need to spawn away from the portal sprite when you move to a new room.

    Second part I've not seen you try it, currently it has overlap conditions to show the text and that's working, you would need to add condition for key press also.

  • Thanks for your reply. I tried moving the main character sprite in the hallway to spawn inside the mini room off to the left, but that didn't fix the problem.

    As for the second part, there are two things that implement overlap. There is the speech text that does not include the key press and the number clue at the top of the hallway that does include the key press. The number clue at the top does not reveal the number 5 when space is pressed.

  • Ah I see now, the cause of both problems is that dangerous event you have 'press any key : go to lab'. So if you press anything it restarts the lab layout. Adjust that event so you only go there at the start of the game.

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  • Thanks for your reply again. I changed how the event works and everything works as intended! Thanks for your help.

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