How do I Move just 1 sprite with mouse over (drag´n drop)?

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  • I´m creating a multiplayer game with several images.

    Both players (host and peer) can move a image (sprite) when mouse over and clickig (holding)

    host using drag´n drop behavior, no problem at all.

    But the peer, I´m passing throug message for the host the mouse coordinates. Work fine too.

    Problem is, when the peer is draging some image and overlap another one, these two images start to move.

    Of course becouse the condition is (mouse over a sprite and holding down mouse button).

    How can this drag´n drop from the peer ignore others sprites and passing through theres (overlaping)?

    I need just the 1st one clicked to move.

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  • You could put all objects that can be dragged in a family and say : mouse clicked on family, pick top instance (in z order) drag/drop. If you are just using one sprite object then no need for family, but I am guessing you have different things to drag.

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