How do I move an object forward?

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  • Hey! Total beginner's question, I know. I have an object and I want it to move forward when clicking somewhere. I added the action "move forward 250 pixels", however, the object just appears at this position. I actally want it to MOVE there in the sense of sliding.

    Thank you already!!


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  • There are 100 different ways to move something.

    First start learning the built in movement behaviours. Car, bullet, 8 direction etc.

    Then there is custom movement you can define your self but use behaviour feedback.

    If behaviours don't suit what you want to do then you can just hard code you movement in events such as

    (Simple) move X pixels per tick


    (Lerp) lerp between point a and point b


    (Waypoint) measure distance to waypoint if greater than speed then move at speed towards waypoint if less than speed then move to waypoint.

    And plenty more.

    Sounds like you might want lerping or waypoint there should be tons of examples in the tutorials sections for c2 if the links are working though you currently have to search using Google I believe until they get the search back into operation.

    Edit. I think I posted a linear lerping example back few weeks ago check my posts.

    Found it

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