How do I monitor my variables and array running on my mobile phone?

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  • For the past 24hrs I have been trying to figure out why my Quiz app which is finished is messing up my datas stored in array and local storage on my mobile phone but not when previewed on browser.

    In my quiz app, the level layout has datas showing percentage of correctly answered questions per level and total questions answered so far.

    When previewed on browser, the level 1 data is fine and when I start level 2 and navigate back, the level 1 data is still there.

    But when I export as is to my phone, its the opposite. The level 1 data resets when I navigate back from level 2.

    So trying to figure out how I can monitor my local storage, array and variable datas on my phone if possible.


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  • You can monitor anything you want by add a text field temporarily in your layout.

    Also is a little strange browser act different from mobile device.

    Maybe you save a data on way before final export ?

    Try clear all the local storage and try it again with browser.

  • Hi yes I have been adding text and making changes and exporting. Was hoping for a much easier way around.

    Also I have clear storage multiple times and its always fine with browser and not phone.

    Just checking how quick my datas are stored and read.

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