(Mobile/Touch) Event multi-select / drag and drop?

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  • Using touch / mobile / android

    Is there any way to multi- select events and possibly drag and drop them?

    I seem to be able to cut and paste one event / action at a time but it's a little laborious.

    am I missing something???

  • there is on pc version, however ive a shit phone, (decent phone just not upto modern standards), so i dont have the mobile app. if you dont get an answer i would suggest dropping it into the c3 suggestions board, i dont have a link handy atm, but it is something i use a whole lot on pc, and i could see myself using mobile editor to duplicate/dragdrop events while waiting for stuff, so it would be nice to see implemented if it isnt already

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  • I also was unable to find a way to drag and drop events on Android.

    It is a very crucial feature in order to organize the logic of the event sheet, it is not rational to shape the event sheet by cut and paste.

  • Its probably tricky to do in the browser environment.

    Im sure Scirra are working on it.

    Even some sort of multi-select then bump-up/down might do

    right now to move a few events up/down even one notch requires multiple copy and pastes, one for each event.

    (unless I'm missing something...which is not unusual.....)

  • It's unusable without actions/conditions drag and drop. There should be a way to do this. Am I missing something?

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