How do I get mobileadvert to work?

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  • The app doesn't crash, it just doesn't make a banner...

    I have an admob account and it's verified. I have the IDs in place (it only gives me a singular app id)

    android id= ca-app-pub-1111111111111111~1111111111

    banner adver unit id="ca-app-pub-1111111111111111/1111111111"

    publisher id=pub-1111111111111111

    Test mode is checked

    privacy policy is filled out

    On start of layout: create banner, smart landscape, true, bottom

    on banner ready: show current banner advert

    I have an additional event

    on configuration failed: destroy object

    The object doesn't get destroyed unless I'm in preview mode

    I'm not getting banners in debug or signed release apk

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Even in test mode, Admob sometimes doesn't serve ads, you may need to wait.

    Also, you can try with unchecked "Test mode", but don't click any banners!

    If nothing helps, you can try collecting logcat log from your phone, maybe you'll see the error message there.

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