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  • Wondering what would be the right way to force MobileAdvert to get a new banner advert. Currently I'm creating a banner on startup, waiting 15 sec and creating again. It doesn't seem to work quite right, it will change the ad eventually but it could take a 30 sec or 1 min.

    Maybe this isn't possible due to some inner workings from Google?

    The current workaround is to hide the banner(destroying it) before creating a new one but then there is a empty white space where the ad should be for a little while. Would rather have a new ad appear instead for the old one.

    Has anybody figured this out? I have searched the forum and haven't seen any discussion about this.


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  • Actually found that I can change this within AdMob settings to some extent. In the setting for the banner I can put a custom setting of 30-150 sec refresh rate instead of Google optimized which is some magic calculation. But would still like to know if it is possible to force it even faster... :)

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