How do I get mobile Safari to behave?

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  • So a few days ago I published a simple 5-day game, Ninja Suffering, to the web. It should theoretically play on any platform, being keyboard and touch friendly. It works fine on Android and desktop, but on mobile Safari, it has some issues that I wasn't able to catch initially since I'm not a big iOS user.

    Apparently on iPad long presses tend to select the entire game window, which eventually causes taps to no longer work at all. On iPad, there is no sound at all, which I thought might be due to C3 compressing sound files to WebM, but on iPhones sound effects work, just not music.

    Also on iPhones, certain spritefonts don't disappear when they should (If you play the game, the "Speed Up" text in the bottom right doesn't disappear like it does on other platforms.)

    Are these things that I can address, or are they results of limitations of mobile Safari. I know Apple has their own way of doing things, so perhaps there's nothing I can really do on my end. But I figured I'd float the idea just in case.


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