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  • Hi.

    I need some help to undertand how to code a Non-consumable purchase for an IOS mobile game.

    I want to be able to unlock levels within the game.

    once they've unlocked the level they do not have to purchase it again, it stays unlocked.

    I've read through the mobile IAP tutorial but i found it a little confusing, it didn't explain step by step what i need to do, or i'm just to much of an amature to understand it.

    It didn't explain me how to do the specific way i need.

    But like i said i want to be able to unlock levels,

    example, when i enter the game, i have a manu with levels that are "locked" when i press on the locked level a popup appears and gives me the choice to unlock the level, once i unlock the level it stays unlocked no matter if i exit the game.

    how can i make this work, how can i code this?

    i am registrered on ITunes Connect and i kind of know how to get ID's, i think.

    But if there are kind people out there that are willing to take their time and explain step by step what to do, please let me know, i'd really appreciate that.

    if i haven't explained well enough, please let me know so that i can be more exact.

    Remember that I am new to this so please keep it as simple as you can.

    I'm using C3

    thanks a lot.

  • Any Ideas on this guys?

  • is it that difficult or am I just asking for to much?

    I do know how and where to get the IDs, I just need to know where to start in construct.

    Do I save the purchese in localstorage in oreder to keep the level unlocked for the user.

    I just ask for some information folks!

    where to start, what triggers are the once to use for what i want to do?

    just some ideas folks.

    Thank you

  • Heya there. Sorry I probably can't help much, but I have it working well for Android, and from what I've read in the Manual etc, the same plugin and setup is used for iOS.

    Here are snippets of what I have that may help you out. This is all that is needed if you want a 'remove ads' button functioning in Android (assuming its the same for iOS). You can ignore the other stuff

    NOTE: "remove_adverts" & "currency_1" etc are items I had to create in the Google Developer Console, so you'll need to do the equivalent for Apples Developer site (which I haven't tried yet).

  • wow!

    That's very kind of you!

    It looks pretty difficult though

    I read in the manual that for IOS i do not need to use the public key trigger for example.

    I don't know, I'll try to see if i can manage to put it together.

    I don't think i'll be able to figure it out for IOS though but i'll give it a try, slowly slowly.

    But thanks a lot for this!

    it is certainly helpful.

    thank you

  • I don't seem to be able to get it working.

    I don't know what i'm doing wrong!

    all i want is to unlock one level with a purchase.

    Anyone that knows how to do this?

    for IOS.

    please some help

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  • I guess I'll have to Contact Scirra.

    thanks anyway guys

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