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  • I am really confused. I open an example project on my phone and it looks fine. I start a new project use the exact same settings and it looks different. What is the best aspect ratio and pixel size to build for mobile? I seem to be missing something again.

  • Different testing device?

    Trying to figure out why the screen size is different.

    However, yes when planning for mobile you should plan for different screen sizes. When I created my bed bug treatment app, I had to do some math on the loading screen in order to figure out best image size and text size/position. I made that in C2 though. I only recently upgraded to a c3 license.

    I'm guessing it's still a do it yourself though when it comes to mobile design for multiple mobile screen sizes.

  • Game window of 450 x 800 for portrait or 800 x 450, 960 x 540 for landscape. Those are 16:9 HD tv ratios.

    Layout set to same ratio , but much larger size, real HD 1920 x 1080. full screen scale outer setting.

    On start of layout scroll to center of layout ( 960,540 ), create a guide sprite ( just a rectangle ) size it to your 450 x 800 or whatever game window size you use and place in the middle ( 960, 540 position ).

    Now have all of your content fit that rectangle.

    Outside that rectangle fill with background graphic or graphics.

    That seems to work for me, with the added benefit that you can play it at full screen on desktop too, esspecially if you are creative with your backgrounds.

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  • ok what about 4:3 resolution? Or the others you decided not to include? My app included those.

  • You have to decide what the target devices will be. In any case 4:3 and any other ratios would simply display extra background you have there.

    You can make sure menu elements are always visible on top, bottom, wherever you want them by setting their position to ViewportBottom/Top +- offset and so on. ( Which is the math you describe doing in your app I guess )

    It's just a matter of how much you really care and how much work you want to do to cover all the bases.

  • BadMario,

    Dude. TY!!! You are on my Christmas card list! Worked like a charm! Can not ty enough!

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