Mobile Advert - Showing Banner Ads when Changing Layouts

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  • I'm unable to show banner ads after hiding it when changing layouts. I Was wondering if I have to recreate the banner ad in the next layout if I hide it in the previous layout. I'd like to avoid creating multiple banner ads incase I get flagged by admob, but need some clarity.

    Expected Result (On Android Device):

    On layout 1 create banner once then show banner, then go to layout 2 to hide banner, then go back to layout 1 to show banner again.

    Actual Result (On Android Device):

    The banner is created and shows in layout 1, then hides itself in layout 2, then when I go back to layout 1 it doesn't show again (I'm using the show banner ad command but not showing).

    I would appreciate any clarity on whether this should normally work, or I have to re-create the banner ad after hiding it, and changing layouts.

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  • You have to create the banner again, it is destroyed when you change layouts, it is also destroyed when you use the hide banner action. You should create it again on start of layout. You can't create multiple banner ads or 'get flagged by admob'.

  • Also admob error, does not transmit the number of active users per day. R271.2

  • I am having this problem, with Interstitial you can create the ad just once and show it multiple times without having to create it again

    That does not seem to be the same with Banners... Once you Hide a Banner it seems to be destroyed forever, cannot call it to Show again cause it wont, but Interstitial would!

    So I have added "create banner advert" on start of every layout, and show when the level is completed, but since players can restart the layout without completing it, it is requesting too many banners and the match rate on admob has gone from 90% to 24%.... impressions have dropped significantly and the banner wont show anymore even if I close the game and run it from start, admob simply flags it...

    Im trying to do this with "large" size banner and it behaves like that, but when using smart-fit size, it seems that I can create the banner just once and use it multiple times just like interstial...

    Im kinda lost, just testing over and over app bundles until it is right...

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