Mobile advert - how to set up test ?

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  • I now learning how to set up ads, and read directions, but in test mode not show up any ads ?


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  • - You haven't configured the mobile advert plugin with your admob details

    - You need to sign up to admob, get verified, create an app and then create adverts

    - In events you need to create the advert and give it a chance to load before you show it

    - Adverts don't show up in preview, you need to export to a mobile device to view them

  • Thanks for answer !

    ads show up on test mode right ?

    What of info i need to add, publisher ID or something more ? It is important and for test more too ? I have mob google account

  • Full walkthrough on getting started is in the manual :

    Note, make sure you are verified by admob or adverts will not work. You need to add payment details and then wait 24 hours. Also 'test mode' is for showing test adverts during testing to keep your account safe from being disabled.

  • I now put real publisher ID, and ad ID, but fake policy url ID, create ad

  • yes, i only want test ads in TEST mode, not real

  • Application ID is required for android then you need to export as debug apk and test it on a mobile device.

  • i set up all , but still is not good

  • Dude I mentioned twice now it will not work in the preview, you need to export your project as a debug apk and try it on a mobile device.

  • i see, sorry , i thinked that you referal about not test .

  • Not work, i have apporved admob account ,create app, create unit

    Is the code ok, first i need create baner, and after that show it, right ?

  • Did you select only 12 ad providers? Go to Admob, on the left menu go to Blocking controls. On the top sliding menu go all the way to the right to EU User Consent and Scroll down to "Custom set of ad technology providers". Click Select Providers and pick a few, no more than 12.

    In your code in the Create action set "show" to FALSE, not true.

    Create another event for testing. Create new Text object and add event:

    -> MobileAdvert: On interstitial failed to load --> TextObject: Set text to MobileAdvert.ErrorMessage

    You can do the same thing with On configuration failed to see if that is the problem.

    Export for android and then test on a few different devices. I have the same app normally showing test ads on 2 devices but not on the 3rd one - no idea why.

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