How do I get Mobile Advert plugin working in C3 r144?

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  • Hi Community,

    I'm struggling to get this working. I've searched Youtube vids but their plugins look different or outdated. Plus, I'm still noobing with c3. I at least done the following:

    • Created a game with 'end' layout.
    • Created AdMob account and 1 Banner Ad
    • Added Mobile advert plugin
    • create banner advert in On start layout.
    • added another 'Mobile Advert' evern > on banner loader .... Show the current banner advert.
    • When I run in test mode - I get a black screen for a mil-second then nothing!!!

    Any modern help would be appreciated.



  • Hi..

    I replied similar thread, pleace check :


    Hi :) ... just sharing :

    Note : In my experience, Mobile Advert will not show in browser preview

    and I still cannot understand how to use condition "On Configuration ..." according to the manual

    So here is an example my way to make it work :


    1. I use event button "on clicked" to make this example. of course it can be replace with other object event in your game design such as "on start of layout", "on touched object", etc...

    2. I use test id in this example, if you gonna use the real ads in final project, you need to uncheck the "Test Mode" properties, fill the application ID, change the ad unit ID as well.. depends on your AdMob generated ad unit ID

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  • WOW henrywijaya, you are amazing... Thank you soooo much. I'd never put an APK file on my phone before and that just worked as you described. You images were super helpful too.

    Thank you soooo much

    Thank you soooo much

    Thank you soooo much

    Thank you soooo much

    Thank you soooo much

    Thank you soooo much

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