How do I mix and match resize sampling modes? pixels *and* high res

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  • So, imagine I have a plastic toy device that has a tiny screen. The tiny screen is pixelart. The toy device is high resolution.

    But resizing things is suddenly not straight forward. The pixel art screen looks blurry when Bi/Trilinear is used, but the high res art becomes really ugly when nearest neighbor is used.

    Right now I'm doing it by pre-scaling my pixelart to 900% its size, and then doing a ton of math and conversions between positions and distances (everything is x9)

    Is there a way to use a "window" or a "frame" that displays crisp pixelart, upscaled in nearest neighbor?

    Ashley I guess I'm asking if there's a way to have per-layer scaling modes.

    Thank you!

  • Hmm it seems like this works:

    *Using trilinear,

    *then upscaling the pixelart layer x9

    *then pixelate ( size 1) *all* the pixelart objects - it produces only weirdness if I add the pixelate effect to the layer itself, I wonder why

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  • Yes, it works when I add the pixelate effect to a family of sprites.


    Ashley I know we usually ask for help, but this time I'd like to say:

    kudos for a tool well done! Is there nothing construct can't do?


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