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  • Hello

    Ok my space game quasar have a dreadnought that spawns fighter.. so the fighters when created are also displayed in the minima.. the problem is that im getting buggy on the map.

    Here is the code

    So im getting problems in the minimap with the number of minimap references for the fighters, also when im destroyng them

  • I think the for each loops are still endless, meaning they will constantly be creating Marc_(s)

    Try a for each Mrac_ sub-event and test if a Marc_ has the same instance variable as your ship, if it does no need to create one if it doesn't then run that set of actions.

    You will need a local bool that gets set to false on for each ship loop action list, it then would get triggered if a Marc_ instance var already has the same value as your ship UID.

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  • I am currently making a sidescolling shmup that has a mini map.

    I create the mini map images at the same time as the gameobjects are created.

    All the mini map Images are in a family that I then call a for each loop to update minimap

  • THank you all i have solved the issue

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