How do I to minify or hide the firebase database url in the data.json file (exporting for android)?

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  • Hi!!

    I'm trying to create a leaderboard style android game that saves the data in firebase, the problem is that when I export the project and generate the apk (using the advanced minify option) and unzip this apk with a program called 7zip, there is a file called "data.json" inside the path: projectName>assets> www

    Inside this file is the URL of the firebase database.

    Is there a way to minify or hide this information?


  • Well, you can't hide that. What minify does is shortens the names of all variables and objects and removes unnecessary blank spaces and all, to shorten the size of the code. It does also obfuscates the code. But that doesn't affect Strings.

    If you use JavaScript, you can somehow make it difficult for the hacker/attacker to understand code by obfuscating it and by string manipulation (encoding/decoding) your strings and using fake codes. (That's what I do in my firebase plugins)

    But still that's not enough. That's where the Security Rules comes into play. And you can also restrict your Firebase project to allow Reads/Writes from a specific domain only domains from the Google Developers Console.

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  • Oh it's more complicated than I thought. I appreciate your answers.

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