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  • /str/c3runtime.js:2771:349: ERROR - [JSC_UNDEFINED_VARIABLE] variable GetBaseAnimationFrame is undeclared

    2771| tempQuad.getTrx())/2);tempQuad.setTly((tempQuad.getTly()+tempQuad.getTry())/2)}renderer.Quad3D2(tlx,tly,tlz,trx,try_,trz,brx,bry,brz,blx,bly,blz,tempQuad)}else renderer.Quad3D(tlx,tly,tlz,trx,try_,trz,brx,bry,brz,blx,bly,blz,rcTex)}GetImagePointCount(){return this.GetBaseAnimationFrame().GetImagePointCount()}GetImagePoint(nameOrIndex){const frame=GetBaseAnimationFrame();const wi=this.GetWorldInfo();let ip=null;if(typeof nameOrIndex==="string")ip=frame.GetImagePointByName(nameOrIndex);else if(typeof nameOrIndex===


    1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

    My project does not contain any javascript, nor the variable 'GetBaseAnimationFrame'.

    Minify mode was set to 'Advanced'.

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  • Your project contains a lot of JS. But you are not writing the code by yourself. Construct 3 is made on JS and such errors means problem with engine. So, only developpers can help you.

    As far as I have such problems, I can advice you to try making a build in firefox because it has better JS support. It's better to develop the game using Crhome, but whet it comes to building big projects - firefox is better.

    Anyway, you can just turn off minifier. I use this solution because my project is to big for minifier. Here is some statistics:

  • I think this is a bug we already fixed. Try the latest beta.

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