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  • First off, I'm super stoked to see Mesh Distortion supported natively now, that's awesome!!

    Second, are there plans to make imagePoints work with distorted meshes the way the collision poly does?

    Third, are there plans to include the option to set Mesh Points manually in terms of hard pixels, as opposed to being related to the sprite's origin? For my use case it'd be much better to be able to say, set 4 corner points within the layout and then just allow the sprite's origin to sit within the center of those points.

    Fourth, is there any way to allow for the mesh points to be Z-Sorted or does this happen automatically based on Sprite rotation prior to distortion?

    Lastly, are there any other objects planned to received this ability? I'd love to say use it with 9-Patch or the Tilemap plugins.

    Thanks so much, and awesome job on implementation so far!

    PS: now I just need to wait for access to projection matrices ;) ( I've built in my own, but they're slow and not great lol )

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