How do I see if a member of a family is global?

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  • Hello;

    I have a family, called cork--some members are global sprites, how can I find out (once the game is running) if a particular member (UID) is global or not?

    thanks for your time



  • I don't think there is an expression or condition to check whether an instance is global. So you'll have to create your own property. Maybe a family instance variable, that you set to true with various "on created" triggers of your global members of the family.

    If you only need to test one UID at a time, you could also create another family but only add your global "Cork" ("CorkGlobal"). You could then have a function that test if "pick by UID" returns 1 instance in both family, indicating that your "Cork" is also a "CorkGlobal".

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  • Thanks Magistross you are always helpful.

    I think I will do as you suggest and create a family called globalSprite and put all my global sprites in it--then cast cork (using pick globalSprite by cork.UID) and if it is a member I know it is a global cork.

    I was hoping there was some other way to check.

    thanks agaim.



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