Melee Attack - Spawn Invisible Hit-Box

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  • Hello All,

    I'm trying to make something that supposed to be simple, consider I'm new to Construct 3 and can only learn it here-and-there on my spare time... newbie in other words.

    My character's animations sprite is pinned to a GREEN BOX which is the collision and platform behaviour for my character, the reason is because I may change the animations sprites in the future or during the game.

    so far so good and simple, right?

    Pressing "SPACE" should spawn an attack RED-BOX as fast animation then destroy itself, and it works fine.

    BUT! when I try to mirror it based on the GREEN-BOX (my actual player controls) it's ignoring the Mirror condition for the -X.

    and if I do the SAME code but replace the GREEN-BOX with my Animated-Sprite it works...

    It is important for me that the Attack RED-BOX spawn will be based on the GREEN-BOX and not the animated sprite, any idea what I'm doing wrong or how to fix it?

    * Ignore the disable parts on the screenshot, I tried stuff but which looked like origin issue, nevermind that.

    Screenshot with my Attempts:

    Sorry about my bad English and Thanks ahead!


    (problem solved)

    I re-made the same idea from scratch on a new project and during the process I found out what I did wrong.

    It seems like as the code got more complex I had clashes on the Mirror of both the original Collider-Box for the player and it's Animation Sprite, so the creation of the Attack RED-BOX spawn got messed up.

    I shared this in case any other newbie may ran to this issue in the future, I hope it helps.

  • Also another quick tip, if you use SPAWN object, you can’t call and adjust any actions after it. Always use create object if you want to adjust positions or variables of that specific object.

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  • Thanks for the tip, I wasn't sure about the differences. it's good to know.

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