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  • Working on a mobile app that's 4K Portrait (2160 x 3840 so I can scale down for smaller screens).

    I need quite a large font size (500pt) but the largest font size available seems to be 144pt. Is there a way to get larger font sizes?


  • Bump*

    Yeah I need to know this too. ...and I don't want to use sprite fonts

  • The only answer i could think of was sprite fonts

  • This is an issue for me as well. Is there a reason why C3 caps out at 144? It seems arbitrary to me and an easy thing to fix.

  • May be using canvas?

    You Paste Object Text at smaller size, but you scale the canvas. Result may be blurry, give it a try…

  • Even though this is a serious necro I guess it's time to answer it.

    You can accomplish this with CSS. Unfortunately, the text element does not allow you to directly input CSS and change it so you'll have to get really creative with CSS files, something that would take a while to explain.

    Suffice it to say, it CAN be done.

    Here's an image of a text element with 144pt font and an HTMLELement plugin with the font size set to 100vw (percentage of viewport width)

    The text in the HTMLElement looks like this:

    <div style = "font-size:100vw;">

    Now, why the text element doesn't allow > 144pt, I dunno. Why it doesn't allow you to set CSS properties like the text input does? I dunno.

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  • I’m guessing from what I can find that the text is drawn with a html5 canvas, so css isn’t used at all. The size limit is likely arbitrary though.

  • I also want to see the ability to have bigger text font size than 144px. Don't have the need for sprite fonts, just need normal font... but bigger.

  • I'm not sure what the reasoning is for the restriction, but it dates back to very early version of C3 according to our version control. Either it was to avoid a bug discovered during the development of C2, and hence C3 doesn't have any notes around it, or it was an arbitrary choice.

    Interestingly 144 appears to be a reference sizing for the modern pt size, being exactly 2 inches in height.

    Either way it appears if you use the "set font size" action it ignores the limit, and you can make your font as large as you want. If this value was chosen because of a bug, this might cause problems, but it appears to work for me.

    Ashley might remember the reasoning.

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