How do I match a string in an array with variable?

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  • Array For each X element

    --> System Array.CurValue = globalvariable1

    The global variable is always lowercase with no non-alphanumeric or spaces.

    The array contains capitalized words with non-alphanumeric.


    Array.CurValue could be Hello.

    globalvariable could be hello

    It does not recognize a match because of the uppercase and period. I originally had lowercase(Array.CurValue) but then this does not resolve the "."

    Then I tried find(aTexttoArray.CurValue, "[^a-z]"). Also did not work. I tried variations with the Regex expressions but could not get the right code. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • You can remove the period and convert to lowercase:

    lowercase(replace(Array.CurValue, ".", ""))

    If there are many such characters that you need to remove, it may be easier to use a local variable:

    set t to replace(Array.CurValue, ".", "")
    set t to replace(t, ",", "")
    set t to replace(t, ":", "")
    set t to replace(t, "!", "")
    set t to replace(t, "?", "")
    set t to lowercase(trim(t))

    Or use regexreplace()

  • You could use Find with a Global Variable(String)

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  • Thank you!!

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