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  • Hello,

    I am very deep into a project and want to change the sound effect that plays when pressing Enter/confirming. It is an RPG game, so there's probably almost a hundred different events where it plays. Yes I probably could have coded it better, but as it stands - is there any easy way for me to replace one sound effect with another other than going in and manually changing each individual event?


  • Are you using the "Play" action or "Play (by name)" action?

    If you're using "Play (by name)" then you could just change the name of the the new sound (in the project folder) to whatever name you're currently using in events.

    If you're using "Play", then I believe you are out of luck. You'll have to change each one individually. If that's the case you can at least use the Find function (ctrl + f) to get a big list of them and then double click on each of them in the Find Results window to jump to it.

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  • I am using Play, no name involved. Dang

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