How do I mask out part of a solid wall

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  • Is there a way to have a wall sprite with a solid behavior and have another moving sprite overlay it acting as a mask, also masking part of the solid/collision area of the sprite simultaneously (so the mask would affect the wall "shape" also for collisions and not just visually)? Or is there another method which could achieve something like this? Maybe a tilemap with small tiles instead of a single sprite?

    Trying to see if this is possible in C3/C2, any tips and ideas are welcome :)

  • It depends on your game and how you are using this solid wall. For something simple like bouncing bullets you can make your own collision system, for example:

    Bullet is overlapping Wall
    Bullet is not overlapping HoleInTheWall
    ........ Bullet bounce

    If you need Solid behavior, then I would probably go with an invisible tilemap, where you can set and erase tiles based on wall configuration.

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  • Thanks dop2000 ! I ended up going with a simplified version without tilemap for the time being, using a combination of small sprites, checking if there's overlap and some distance calculations, it should be enough for my needs for the time being :)

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