How do I get mapping.txt for my obfuscated script?

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  • So I'm trying to get my game's signed android bundle to google. I run into a warning about the code being obfuscated,(the game will stay forever in 99% loaded if I don't fix this)Google told me this:

    This only would help with AndroidStudio and ProGuard tho.

    So in short how do I export the mapping.txt or what this the equivalent thing I need to do in Construct 3?

    This happens in all the different modes of minify script None, Minimal and Advanced

  • The information about mapping.txt appears to refer to a different type of obfuscation that is not related to JavaScript minification. So I don't think doing anything in Construct or adjusting your minify setting in export will have anything to do with this.

  • Oh okay thanks! That just leaves me asking how to make Construct's obfuscation readable for the publisher? (aka Google for now)

  • You can always disable Construct's JavaScript minification on export. But that doesn't appear to be related to this.

  • Hi Ashley,

    When we export our game with the minify option set to none, we find that certain parts of the runtime file are still obfuscated even thought we chose NOT to minify. How can we ensure the runtime is completely unminified. We are currently updating our library of over 100 games from C2 to C3 and need the runtime unminified to properly integrate it into our partners. We did not have this issue with our games in C2, only seeing this in C3.

    Can you please assist on how we can achieve this as I have not been able to find any information on this.

    Thank you in advanced.

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  • The minify option on export is for extra processing of the built-in runtime scripts. We don't provide any support at all for directly modifying runtime scripts, nor do we want to encourage anybody to do that, so we don't really actually want to provide unminified runtime scripts. Use the addon SDK or the JavaScript coding feature to integrate your own JavaScript code.

  • I understand the security risk involved. Now that just means that I can't no longer update my mobile game (aka fix the broken version that wont load). All types of export are obfuscated and Google can't simply read any of them. Meaning that Construct 3 is for now completely useless for my projects.

    I have deleted all of the javaScript and I'm now using only blueprints/visual script. I'm thinking that C3 just checks if my project has ever had any JavaSkript in it and runs C3's equivalent of "evaluation engine" never the less.

    Or this there a possibility that google has updated something in their end?

    either way C3 exports will not work in a export of google play store if they contain or have contained javaScript in the past.

    if there is nothing that can be done. I need to copy/paste the whole project into a new base that has never had any javaScript in it to make this work.

  • either way C3 exports will not work in a export of google play store if they contain or have contained javaScript in the past.

    All C3 exports use JavaScript, because the engine is written in JavaScript.

    We have many users publishing to Android and it seems to be working fine for all of them, so I can only speculate that something has gone wrong for your publishing process somewhere along the line.

  • This leaves me puzzled. Only Error that I get is for Obfuscated JavaScript/Kotlin even tho it should not be the case. I will try to find a way around this.

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