MAP + BATTLE mods = Single or Multiple Layouts ?

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  • Hello All,

    I'm prototyping turn based idea for the first time, so I thought to ask how to approach it before I go further in development.

    So in general the game will be separated in 2 modes:

    1 - Map = where the player moves around

    2 - Battle = where the player fight different enemies

    My question is how do I build it in most efficient way?

    I'm guessing that the MAP should be an individual layout, so far so good.

    But once the player get into a BATTLE... what do I do now?

    Should I make 1 BATTLE LAYOUT? and every battle I can add some rules to change the enemies?

    or multiple Battle Layouts?

    I'm a bit confused here, but what would be an efficient way to do it.

    A nice example of what I'm trying to achieve is a bit like the MAP + BATTLE in the game:

    "Heroes of Might & Magic" but of course more simplify than that as I just prototyping.

    So if the MAP will be 1 Layout, Should I need to use Global variables to keep the Player's stats?

    What about enemy types, should I use families? yeah... confusion is all over the place that's why I made this thread.

    Any advice, tips, example files, screenshots or helpful suggestions will be very appreciated.

    Thanks ahead! :)

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  • Besides organizationally, which is completely up to you and your own workflow, layouts are best used for memory management. If you're going to be using the same set of graphical assets and sprites in all your battles, then there is no performance advantage for using a different layout per battle.

    Actually I'm not completely sure if this applies anymore with the new C3 runtime. The first instance of sprite objects are no longer required to be placed on a layout manually, but I don't know if that has anything to do with the loading of sprites into memory per layout. Someone more familiar with the new runtime please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Global Variables and Global Objects will be useful for any information you need to transfer between layouts. Additionally, the Persist behavior will be useful for when you return to your map layout.

    Families are useful to let you pick many different sprite objects at once. You can use them to simplify your events a lot, but they aren't usually critical.

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