How do I manage several fields independent of each other? (solved)

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  • Hello Construct geniuses!

    Have a simple farming game and have been testing it with one field to get everything right (grow rate, harvesting, etc). Now I'd like to do that whole process but with a few new fields. I wasn't sure if I'm getting into "function" or "groups/family" territory but had to ask.

    Thanks in advance. If there is a tutorial I missed on this, I apologize. Point me in the right direction and I'll look into it.


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  • By "field" do you mean the field of crops? The field can be an object in your game (for example, a TiledBackground, visible or invisible), or it can be a logical identifier, like an instance variable on crops sprites. Every game is different and it's up to you to decide how you make it.

    Functions, groups, families, hierarchies, containers are not mandatory for a game like this, but they will make the job much-much easier. I highly recommend you study how to use these features.

    For example, I would probably combine all crop sprites into a family. When planting crops, add them as children to the Field object. This way you will be able to easily pick crops growing on each field, and perform some generic actions (like watering) on the entire Crops family.

  • Yes, my apologies on the lack of terminology. Fortunately you ended up determining what I meant!

    I was using the free version which doesn't include the families. I had been studying the functions and that looked like a piece I would need but the families was ultimately what I needed. Thank you for confirming that as I was hoping to use the free version as long as I could until I switched to the paid version.

    After getting a subscription, I utilized the families, updated the event page and couldn't believe my eyes when the game worked with the new fields. Seriously one of my coolest tech moments.

    You can close this out as you helped guide me in the right direction. I'm sure I'll see you around again when I ask another question but until then, thanks so much!

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