How do I manage more player characters?

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  • Hi folks, I'd like the player to choose the character to play with at the beginning of the game. Which is the best practice?

    Should I create two different sprites and set them all up with the same commands along the whole game or is there some kind of feature with which I can create a container called Player and than, put inside the Character choosen by the player?

    Which is the best way to approach this?

    The first option sounds the better one but it seems like double or triple job when setting up the whole game because i will need to write the same command for every character movement and interaction.

    Any help to optimize this?

  • Both! The container you refer to is called 'Family' in construct. You can create a Family called Player, and inside the Family you can add various sprites for the different visual characters. So you don't have to repeat events for each player sprite you instead use the Family object 'Player' for all the events, this then applies to all the sprites.

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  • Feels like using "family" is the right thing to do correct?

  • Yes as described

  • Thanks a lot

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