How do i making 25 different person voices

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  • Exist a program what i can do this.

    A program which makes from my voice a another different. Should be maked 25 different voices.

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  • LordViperion

    Of course, any good audio recording program. Record your voice with a mic and change the pitch of it, add reverbs, flangers and effects to change your voice.

    If you dont want to record your voice you can try FL Studio, it comes with a plugin that makes audio from a text. You have a few different voices by default, as robotic, old man, etc. Is it not enough, you can modify pitch, add reverbs, etc.

    (Rigth click on any pad to see this menu)

    I hope this help you

  • thanks your nice answer but every that to saying,showing for my is possible to realize a another program like audacity. for audacity exist that plugin which make sound from text? Is possible in audacity that you showed me with flstudio?

  • I think audacity is quite basic. I don´t think so.

    But don´t let you intimidate by the FL interface. Download the free version and you only need 3 mouse click to open the speech syntetizer, and another 2 to export the audio files you created.

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