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  • So before when i created an sprite and added a behavior, i was able to manipulate those properties by clicking on the object in the object list. Now i have to have an instance. the thing is if i have multiple instance each with different settings, how does construct know which is the default? clicking on the object in the object list shows multiple values for the value. but when i create a new instance how can i control which settings get applied to the instance?

    It becomes very tedius where ever time i add an instance to a layout i have to re configure the settings.

    My though was maybe its the very first instance you add, so i made sure i added my first instance to an object bank layout and configure his settings there. but that does not seem to work that way. does any on have insight and to how better control this?

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  • Okay, I'm not 100% sure what your asking but ill do my best to help you. If you want these objects to be the same object with different values/properties make sure you're not duplicating them and instead you are either copy and pasting them or holding ctrl after highlighting and dragging to add another you'll know the difference in the panel on the right you should see for example enemy1. but if you see enemy1 enemy2 enemy3 etc you're doing it incorrectly. Can you be more specific about what you need, please?

  • So when u create a new object (let's use sprite as an example) I cannot edit any of the properties until I create an instance (drag object to a layout) now I can click on the object in the layout or in the object and edit instance variables for examples. Now let's say I have one instance in a layout and I set his instance variable value to 123. On a new layout when I drag the same sprite to create a new instance he will have the instance variable value already set to 123. Now the issue is when I have 2 instances of the same object with different settings (instance var, behavior settings... Etc) when I create a new instance in a new layout the settings that will be applied are unpredictable. This becomes tedious when you want to create an object with the varients but most of them need to be a certain way... Think of like prefab. This use to behave differently

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