Any luck changing the format of GameRecorder object to MP4? Is this broke?

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  • I've used the sample project (Screen Recording Example) and have tried changing the format of the GameRecorder object from Auto to MPEG-4 H264 on both the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox and both give the error of

    'MediaRecorder': Failed to initialize native MediaRecorder the type provided (video/mp4) is not supported.

    Doesn't make much sense because it's an option to select. Has anyone seen this work? Am I missing something?

    Chrome supports MP4 and so does the newest Firefox.

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  • The video encode formats depend on the browser, and you can see which are supported in the About dialog of Construct. Note browsers support different encode formats to decode formats - for example Chrome can decode MP4 but only supports encoding WebM. The default "Auto" option is a good default as it will use a format that works, and if you manually change it to an option that is not supported it will not work. You can also try recording a WebM video and use external video tools to transcode it to MP4.

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