How do I loop music?

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  • I want the music to play to the end and then loop back to 1:25. Any idea how?

  • The easiest recommendation would be to have 2 files. One file of the full song, and another of the song, but edited up to the 1:25 mark.

    Have the first song play, and then once the song is finished (or you forcefully finish/stop it), play the edited audio track. You could also call for this edited audio to play on loop if you wanted it to continuously loop back to 1:25.

  • Any other ways? like with 1 file? could of swore there was a loop to function

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  • Use audio "Seek" action, and specify the loop point position in the song; I also recommend to add a small silence at the end of your song, "Seek" doesn't work if the sound ended as the tag doesn't exist anymore, then compare the current progress of the song to trigger the "Seek" action

    As it is not as flexible that the two files method, it avoid the problem of a small silence when the intro stops and the loop starts for a seamless result, and you can automate it by indicating the end and loop point of you song in a variable and retrieve these numbers when needed

  • thx. How do I check where in the song I am?

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