How do I loop audio n times?

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  • Hi, I have 2 buttons which adds or subtracts value in variable.

    How can I play audio loop based on the var number.

    Like -

    On tap play button :

    play audio "tag" looping (var)number of times.


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  • 1. Remove Loop from the audio.

    2. Have two integer variables: "CurrentLoop" (static) & "MaxLoops" (also static)

    3. On Audio "tag" ended & "CurrentLoop" is less than "MaxLoops" - play again and add 1 to "CurrentLoop"

  • Wow XpMonster, that was quick! Thank you so much, that did the trick!

    1 more question, I struggle with math in consturct 3 can you suggest a good place to start learning it.

    I have no coding background.

  • My coding background is small.

    I hated math before Construct. Then I started coming up with my own formulas and figuring out what other developers used in their games. Helps me a lot!

    For most of the stuff in coding you don't really need any serious math.

    Get familiar with system math expression in Construct tho. Most importantly: abs, round, floor, ceil, lerp, unlerp, sin, cos, ln, log10, infinity, max, min, angle, anglediff, anglelerp, anglerotate, distance, exp

    That's something I find myself using all the time.

  • Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. Stay safe.

  • No problem. You too!

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