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  • Hey! I would like to make a game that has a similar battle engine to this one:


    Let's pretend I have no idea what I'm doing.

    If someone could hit me up with Tutorials to replicate:

    1. Movement.

    2. Attacks.

    3. Health + Damage + Stat bars.

    4. Animations; movement, attack, projectiles.

    5. U.I

    ^ All for player + foes.


    6. Some kind beam vs beam function. (Think Dragonball Z Kameha vs Kameha)

    And obviously things I might be not considering like being hit, flinching etc etc.

    Is a game this intense possible on C2/3? Can it be even MORE intense?

    If someone could give me a list of tutorials that would specifically cover these things that would be awesome.

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  • ozboybrian

    This is perfectly do-able in C3. Moreover, it can be done in Multi-player and implement a MMO experience.

    Tutorials aren't the way to go about if this is your target. It will take you far too long to learn, then implement to reach to this game.

    However, tutorials for most of these are available on C3 Tutorials page.

    Let me know if I can help you with anything.



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