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  • Hi!

    I bought my son an account and he has enjoyed making games, but now he can't open them. Up until now he has been saving with "Save as single file" or "Save as project folder". From there he has been able to reopen them from the "Open Recent" tab.

    Unfortunately, his battery died, and on restarting his computer the "open recent" tab is now empty. I found the files in his downloads folder, but they won't open. They appear to be saved without the .c3p suffix. Please feel free to check out the drive folder I have linked below to see what I'm talking about.


    Anyway, I now have him saving to google drive and that appears to be working. However he's pretty bummed he lost all his work (he's 10 years old), and I was hoping you could help me salvage the game in the link above (it's the only one he needs back).


    Daniel Logan


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  • It seems that is a zipped project Folder. You only have to unpack it (you can also attach the suffix .zip, so it will be recognized as zip) and open the folder with Menu -> Project -> Open local project Folder.

  • Thanks! I tried that a few times on my chromebook, but it didn't work. I just tried it on a windows laptop and it worked great! Thank you for your help!

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