How do I make a LockPicking system that seems like the one of Skyrim?

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  • Hi. I was wondering if it is posible to make a lockpicking system such as Skyrim's one or Dying Light. I am making a game about thieves and I want to try that. Thank you!

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  • Everything is possible! Multiple ways to do what you want, easy way is prob :

    You could just have a "chance" to lockpick the lock, on fail set animation to fail animation.

    So in a variable of 100

    the user chance to lockpick is 20

    then on start of lockpick, roll the dice by setting the lockpick rate variable to "random (1,100)

    If lockpick variable = or less than 20 , lockpick, if more than 20 fail the lockpick.

    Not sure how to put it out haha, add me on discord and i will help you after work.

    Skyrim has a "dice" that rolls aswell, and you can level up lockpicking skill.


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